Outsourced Policy & HR Services

Outsourced Policy Services

We offer policy audit and consultation services designed to ensure an organization’s policies are sufficient from a risk management perspective as well as ensuring regulatory and legislative compliance based on the industry.

Soteria Policy brings a wealth of resources, policy experts and capability to an organization at a fraction of the cost of a single policy professional. The outsourced model allows an organization to have Soteria Policy manage their policy lifecycle while still ensuring that the policies reflect and support the culture, values and strategic direction unique to that organization.

Policy Lifecycle


Outsourced HR Services

HR plays an enormously important role in the success of your organization. Establishing an HR department and scaling it as your organization grows can cause a significant strain on your resources. Outsourcing your HR functions is cost-effective and will result in more efficient and effective HR management overall. By outsourcing many of the tasks that HR is responsible for, you can focus more of your time and resources on the growth of your business.

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