Why Standardized Policy Templates Aren’t Enough

Policies are an important tool for managing organizational risk, compliance, and advancing organizational goals and objectives. However, in many organizations, policy development and maintenance is under-resourced – done off the side of leaders’ desks, if, and when, they can shift other priorities. All too often, the result is incomplete or outdated policies that, at best, fail to be useful in guiding organizational behavior, and at worst, increase liability for the organization.

In search of a solution, so many organizations turn to boilerplate policies obtained through the web, or generic downloads from organizations that are meant to ease the burden. But policies and procedures are not “plug and play”; what works for one organization and culture most often does not make sense in another.

Policies need to take into consideration, the type of organization, the products and services that organization provides, the strategic plan, the alignment of the vision, mission and values of the organization and its overall culture. Employees need to see themselves and the work they do within the policy. The policy needs to relevant and understood in order to assist with compliance.

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