Privacy issues in the Canadian news, including breaches and commentary regarding emerging privacy and information security risks and trends affecting private and public sector organizations.


Does your organization have effective controls in place to ensure policies are organized and appropriately maintained? Internal and external drivers of change are constantly shaping organizational risks and requirements. With this rapid pace of change, the task of reviewing and updating policies is a daunting one. For many organizations the outcome is policies that are outdated and misaligned.

Policies establish the standard of care for...


Policies are an important tool for managing organizational risk, compliance, and advancing organizational goals and objectives. However, in many organizations, policy development and maintenance is under-resourced – done off the side of leaders’ desks, if, and when, they can shift other priorities. All too often, the result is incomplete or outdated policies that, at best, fail to be useful in guiding organizational behavior, and at worst,...


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