HR Consulting

Human Resources Consulting

Strategic HR Planning

Soteria HR integrates HR practices into business plans enabling organizations to better position themselves to drive financial and strategic business results. We recognize that business organizational structure may be necessary to achieve greater economy, efficiency, and improved operations, as well as maneuvering within a legal framework.

  • Development of HR strategies to support organizational goals
  • Mergers/acquisitions and due diligence
  • Restructuring
HR Operational Planning

Soteria HR will assist in establishing a structured framework, setting the standards that guide your day-to-day business operations to assist your business in meeting its obligations for legislative compliance. We also assist in reducing risks of liability, saving unnecessary litigious costs by ensuring your business is meeting labour standards.

  • HR risk management/assessment
  • Program and processes efficiencies
  • Organizational charts and position description development
Talent Management Planning

Soteria Policy helps businesses maintain their competitive edge by building a framework for identifying, acquiring and retaining top talent, implementing a strategy to develop employee potential, and designing succession plans for key individuals, ultimately enabling businesses to maximize the use of their talent.

  • Resource & succession planning
  • Development of leadership capabilities
  • Retention strategies
Total Rewards and Compensation Planning

Soteria HR enables your business to maintain a competitive advantage by ensuring your compensation strategies guide the long-term sustainability of your total rewards program. Focusing on cost optimization and individual performance, Soteria HR will design and/or review your organization's compensation and benefits strategy, ensuring it aligns with your HR and business objectives, while helping you address a full spectrum of issues through a well-constructed total rewards program.

  • Compensation design: establishing classifications by aligning job descriptions and job evaluations to position/pay bands
  • Reward and recognition program design
  • Health care benefits cost optimization
Performance Management

Soteria HR believes in a holistic approach to performance management, transforming businesses to a results-oriented culture by focussing on the four pillars of Customer, Financial, Operational and People. We support the translation of organizational objectives into individual goals, enabling leaders to effectively evaluate individual performance against organizational expectations, all of which links motivation to desired results.

  • Performance management program design and training
  • Performance management evaluations
  • Employee development planning
Employee and Labour Relations

Soteria Policy supports the establishment of a work environment where there is respect, trust and confidence between management and employees, where employees at all levels feel valued for their abilities and contributions. Effective employee and labour relations strengthen the employer/employee relationship resulting in improved motivation and morale, increased productivity, less conflict, and less attrition, enabling the organization to out-perform the competition.

  • Advice and counsel
  • Negotiation preparation
  • Legal matters, grievance and arbitration

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